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About the Free Estimate

To get a free estimate simply give us a call at 1-877-268-8289 or fill out our Free Estimate Request form. Once your estimate is confirmed, one of our specialists will be visiting you to provide you with the estimate.

Our estimates are based on a number of factors. This includes the square footage of the area required, the complexity of the work and of course your schedule requirements. We work with all budgets so please be sure to let us know your budget and schedule.

If you've already booked a free estimate with D2 Paint and it hasn't been confirmed, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-268-8289, or you can change your booking right here. Free estimates can be changed no problem, however please do give us at least 1 hour advance notice.

Once we are at your location, most estimates are under 15 minutes. However depending on the complexity of the work and the explanation needed it can take up to 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please let us know how fast or how slow we need to take it. If you've requested one of our Design Consultants to be present at the free estimate, please allow additional time.

Upon arriving at your location we ask that you take us to the work area and explain in detail what it is that you require from D2 Paint. We at that time will ask questions, offer suggestions and decide on the job requirements. Once a free estimate is provided, it would not change for 30 days (unless other changes are requested from you). Once you are satisfied with the quote, an agreed upon date and time for the work will be set.

About Our Services

The D2 Paint's Home Resale Package is a service that we offer to those who are thinking of Selling/Listing their homes. As we are currently in a hot real estate market, we'd love to take on your home and improve the look of it before you list it. A freshly painted home adds value to your home. Be sure to ask about the package when you request your free estimate.

Our Interior Painting service covers your entire home. No matter if you are asking us to paint your kitchen, dining room, living room, hallways, bathrooms or any part of your home - our service is available. We also paint ceiling, baseboards, trims and anything else you may need. Be sure to ask us all that you need.

Our Exterior Painting service covers your home's exterior such as doors, wood windows and even your walls. We specialize in fences, decks, gazebos and sheds. Be sure to ask about it.

While D2 Paint tries to stay residential, we've done some small commercial work. If you have a store, office space or a business location you'd like to have painted be sure to ask about it.

D2 Paint has in-house design consultants as well we deal with interior designers, decorators and some really great people. Our Design Consultation are available upon request when booking your free estimate. The initial appointment is strictly for paint consulting and design advice. If you require help picking this right colour to match your style, we have the help to help you! Additional requests for design consultants start at $117 per hour.

About D2 Paint

We are a team of painters, designers and overall great people. We love what we do and love sharing our excitement for design and colours with our customers.

D2 Paint is unique in it's own way. If you look to see our special packages, you will find some that may suit your needs. We promise to work hard, get the job done with the highest quality, the best service and affordable prices. We also provide you with a free design consultation from a trust and reliable Design Consultant. While working for you, we don't take other clients, meaning you are our focus. We are honest, straight to the point and we are clean.

There are hundreds of professional painters in the GTA. Many are great, some are okay and a few are pretty bad. What makes us different and why you should go with us is our dedication, our prices and our complimentary design consultation. D2 Paint offers same day free estimate, a great home resale package and payment plan options if over $5,000.

D2 Paint has 8 full time paints working the Greater Toronto Area at all times. We take on 3 to 5 projects per week and we are able to handle any size job. No job is too big or too small for us. We also have a dedicated design consultant and colour coordinator to help you determine the best style, if you don't already have one.

The Work/The Payment

After we provide you with a free estimate, we would work based of your schedule to book a good date and time for the work to begin. Usually, the work can start within 7 days. Do let us know if you are working on a schedule.

Depending the size and the complexity of the work (as well as your schedule), a job can go anywhere from one day to one week or more.

When your job is accepted by D2 Paint, we request a 25% up-front payment. This can be done though Cash, Certified Cheque, Email Money Transfer or Credit Card (online or in person). The remaining part of the balance will be paid upon completion of the work via the same method.

Once the free estimate has been provided to you, it is locked for 30 days (pending any changes from you). After approving the estimate, we will work together to book the best date and time for the work to begin. It's as simple as that. Request your free estimate now.

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